Let’s Hit the Road!


Summer is just around the corner, and you know what that means: ROAD TRIP! The summer months have multiple long weekends, which are perfect for short family-friendly getaways. Also, since flight prices will be at an all-time high during July and August, a road-trip might be the (budget-friendly) answer to you are looking for!

The first road trip we took after getting married was on Thanksgiving long weekend – we drove from Toronto to Quebec City. Since it was peak time for the autumn leaves to change colour, this made for a gorgeous drive. We thoroughly enjoyed our trip and have some tips for you to keep in mind if you are planning a road trip for this year!

Road Trip Essentials:
–  Snacks. Lots of them. For us, the winner was Kernels popcorn. Our favourite flavours are: Cheesy Dill, Say Cheese Cheese, and Jalapeno Jack.
 Water bottles. Make sure to take a crate of water (or more, depending on the number of people). This will save time (and money) having to stop at gas stations to buy a bottle of water. This will also come in handy at your destination (keep a few in the room each day).
GPS. Trust us, keep an old-school GPS. Sometimes, the GPS on your phone (or in your car) may not work due to signal issues, and a real GPS will come in handy.
Music & Podcasts. A good playlist is a no-brainer but podcasts can help pass time quicker. We listened to a lot of Russell Peters on our drive to Quebec City and this turned out to be a lot of fun!
Travel Documents. If you are crossing borders, make sure you have all the necessary documents and passports are not expired.
Tolls. Carry extra cash/coins for unexpected tolls.
Spare Key. Self-explanatory (whoops!)
Chargers. Buy an extra cellphone charger and keep it in the glove compartment.
Alternate Drivers. Sharing is caring. Remember to take turns, make frequent stops and stretch your legs along the way. We changed drivers every time we stopped for gas (we stopped after the tank went below 50%).
Scenic routes. Look up scenic routes/stops along the way before hand. The quickest way there isn’t always the most enjoyable/visually appealing.
Silence is okay. Sometimes, its okay to just take in your surroundings and enjoy the ride.
Parking. Figure out the parking situation before getting to your hotel. Is it free? Is it $30 per night? Remember to factor these costs into your budget.
Car Rental. Rent a fuel-efficient car to save on gas costs. However, some road trips call for luxury car rentals as well (West Coast Cali).
Have fun!
Road Trip Hit List for SF:
– Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania
– Prince Edward County, Ontario
– Algonquin Park, Ontario
– Tobermory, Ontario
– Montreal, Quebec
– New York City, New York
– Chicago, Illinois

So, where are you headed this summer? Comment below!

Talk soon,


P.S. Did anyone else ever read Amelia Bedelia as a child? Or was it just me?

For some reason, I will always remember this joke from Amelia Bedelia! #idioms