Flying with Flair

Our first flight with Baby SF was a success! Since Faizan and I had already flown with Flair in the past, we were comfortable choosing the airline again because we had such a great experience the first time around. After we posted some details about our trip to Victoria, our DMs were flooded with questions about Flair, our flight, and just traveling with an ultra low cost carrier (ULCC) in general. So I decided to put together a blog post to answer some common questions that came up! 

Flying from Waterloo (YKF —>YVR)

It was our first time flying from @flyykf and we loved it. It was only a 40-minute drive from our place, and the airport was much less crowded than Pearson. The staff were super friendly and helpful – especially when they saw we were traveling with a little one. We also decided to park at the airport for the duration of the trip, just to make it easier to come home upon return! Rates were reasonable and there was ample parking space – much better than having to Uber both ways in my opinion.

One thing I would highly recommend is to remember to check in ahead of time to avoid unnecessary fees at the airport. We do this anyway but when travelling on a ULCC, small steps like this really make a difference! 

COVID related points to consider:

Masks were mandatory in the airport and throughout the whole flight. Food service was on hold during the flight, but passengers are welcome to bring their own snacks! We generally like to pack our own snacks anyway – so this worked out for us. Another pro tip is to bring an empty water bottle and fill it up after passing security. It’ll save you a few bucks but when traveling as a family, it really does add up! 

Note: COVID regulations are constantly changing, so please check with the airline and airport ahead of time to ensure you are up to date on all requirements. 

Flying with a baby:

I was super nervous about flying with a baby – part of the reason why we chose to stay within the country before flying father out.

Some tips I received from followers before the flight:

  • Feed upon take-off and landing to ease the discomfort in their ears with the air pressure (or try using a pacifier)
  • Keep “toys” like plastic water bottles and plastic cups that are sure to entertain a baby (and you won’t feel bad about if lost or rolls away under the seat)
  • Keep lots of snacks (same goes for adults!)
  • If formula-feeding, use pre-portioned containers for easy prep

For more details on traveling with children specifically, I would highly recommended checking out Flair’s website: HERE. I reviewed this page in detail before flying and it basically answered all my questions about what you can and cannot take, etc. Some main points that were applicable for us (child under 2): 

  • Car seat can be checked with luggage 
  • Stroller can be checked at the gate at no additional cost 
  • Diaper bag is basically a free carry-on (does not count as your personal item or carry-on) 
  • If you are selecting seats, try to book window and aisle and hope that no one is seated in between. This worked for us the first time around but when coming back we had someone in between us. We talked to the staff and they were able to change us to another row which was empty! 

Bonus points for having the most courteous and friendly staff – who made our whole experience so much easier!

Closing Remarks:

We understand that traveling on a ULCC may not be for everyone. But if you’re like us, and appreciate an airline that can get you where you wanna be – all the while saving some big bucks (which can be used toward the ACTUAL vacation) – then I highly recommend checking out Flair Airlines for your next trip! 

We had no hiccups, and honestly couldn’t tell the difference between flying with Flair and other “larger” airlines. I’d actually go as far as to say that our experience (both times) have been BETTER than what we’ve been through with other companies. So what are you guys waiting for? Book that trip you’ve been dreaming of! After all, it’s the same clouds – for less!

Until next time,

/in partnership with Flair Airlines, all opinions are our own